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48 HOURS | EXTRA: An Unlikely Hero

LAPD Lt. Jim Gavin put everything on the line to get to the truth in the Bruce Lisker case. To make things right for Lisker, Gavin had to take on another member of the LAPD. In an exclusive interview with 48 Hours' Erin Moriarty, Gavin says doing the right thing cost him his career.

48 HOURS | MYSTERY - Teaser

Seventeen-year old Bruce Lisker is convicted of murdering his mother, and spends 26 years in prison. Now, he's fought to prove his innocence, exposing lies and cover-ups by the LAPD. Erin Moriarty reports.

FOX11 LA - Prosecutors Undecided on Lisker Appeal

Aug 17 2009

FOX11 LA - Murder Charge Dropped in Lisker Case

Sept 21 2009 - The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office drops all charges against Bruce Lisker.

KABC7 LA - Lisker, freed from jail, back in court

Aug 17 2009 - Days after being freed from prison, Bruce Lisker attends District Court hearing in Riverside.